About ma.mong

Hello, i’m ma.mong. I’m a freelancer that is working as music producer. In the past, i have an artist initial as Sandy Corzeta or also known as sc.orz. My background was a software engineer, but since 2016 i’ve been focusing on music as a hobby and a way of me for having fun.

About this site

This site was made meant to be a central of all my activities in commission. Before this site was made, i made my artist site sandycorzeta as an experimental project to create a simple website from scratch using static site generator that is Jekyll. This site is hosted using Gitlab service and only has html+css content without any javascript at all.

Music taste

Talking about music taste, most of the music that i like and listened to are under pop and indie music spectrum. A lot of genre that exist, most of them i like it. But if you ask about my interest or a preference, i’d rather choose a music that is simple to listen to than a complex music like jazz and its derivative/influence.

If you ask about favorite artist or what influenced my works. Perhaps i could tell some of them. There are : sakanaction, culenasm, yanagi nagi, Clean Tears, milet, Thomas Bergersen, Frank Klepacki, Hans Zimmer, Within Temptation, Letto, s