Hello and Lets Get Started!

Friday, 2 July 2021

Hello, somebody out there. Thanks for looking up to my site and reading this blog post. This is my first time as im trying to record some of my activities in real life and also in the net. A lot of things are already happened in the past few years. Including the coronavirus pandemic. Phew, that event is really straight made other people struggling so hard for their life. It also counts to me too. In other topic, i made a quite several life turning point of choice in those timelines too. I decided to decentralize myself and not depending on the services that is centralized and mainstream in corporation. Several things also including not to into social media too much, as i already delete some of my social media account such as Facebook, Instagram and many others. Privacy now is also a concern into my daily digital life. I tried as much as possible not giving my personal data into any services, and if possible i try to self-host it.

Ah, yes. It looks like i forgot to introduce myself in the first paragraph. My apology. Let me introduce myself. My name is mamong. Actually its my nickname since i was a child for the people that close to me. You can call me “mong” or fully “mamong” is okay. I also have an alias in internet that i often use actually. The alias name is Sandy Corzeta. You can just call me Sandy casually and im not really offended for it. Sandy is also a unisex name which… can be counted as genderless? i dont know, you guess it. I am not really into describing my pronoun stuff like all the other to identify themself. I dont need it, because just calling by my name, my nick or you to refer me is very enough. Enough for the name, then what about things that i do in real life and on the net? Well, most of the time i do something related with music and computer. Those two are very nice and close each other. What do i mean related with music is just i casually listen to music (any genre) or even composing the music by myself (mostly trance and any other EDM).

I’m not really that good at writing because this paragraph now is actually has a gap of almost a week between the last paragraph. My idea on how should i write this post is now blank and i just blabbering around in here, lmao. But i guess thats alright. Maybe just write a little brief on what i’ll do in my site after this post is published. In this blog section of my site, you may read some of my reviews, opinion and just a little bit fandom things. Oh well, im a humanities students after all and fandom is a part of the study that i really into. Although, a little bit kinda hate it if its too extreme. Oh yeah, about the reviews. It wont be just about culture topics or current happenings moment, there will be also something like … apps review, manga review (although im not really that expert), book review (if i have a time to invest into this more) and if my mental goes stable enough i might do a life review too.

So yeah, thats all that i got to say in this post. I wished a thank you for a person who reading this post and have a good day. I’ll keep in touch with you, stranger. Yup, in another post.

Nice to meet you, Stranger